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New York, NY - Japanese Global Sensation KEMIO has partnered with NYC based inclusive fashion brand Private Policy and community-driven streetwear brand UPRISERS to develop a unisex Summer must-have T-Shirt that will be available for pre-order beginning on Thursday, July 8th 2021. The T-Shirt will retail for $30.00 USD with 100% of the proceeds going to the AAPI non-profit organization Hate Is A Virus. Hate Is A Virus is a non-profit community of mobilizers and amplifiers that exists to dismantle racism and hate against the AAPI community fueled by Covid-19.

is a nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers to dismantle racism and hate.A movement started in 2020, Hate Is A Virus continues to amplify, educate and activate AAPI to stand for justice and equality in solidarity with other communities.We do this by mobilizing our community to participate in local and national campaigns, creating safe spaces for dialogue and education, and providing actionable steps and funding in partnership with trusted community leaders and organizations.This includes programs related to mental health, community-based solutions for safety, representation, solidarity-building, and so much more.
Instagram: @hateisavirus

Photography & Production: David Chow and Haruko Hayakawa
Creative Director: Edward Yeung


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