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On Monday, February 15th, 2021, PRIVATE POLICY debuted their FW21 collection on Runway360. For the upcoming collection, designers Siying Qu and Haoran Li are inspired by the epic stories of the Chinese Transcontinental Railroad Workers and noting the parallels of the racism and xenophobia towards the Asian American communities felt today. As part of the collection, the brand partnered with the Museum of Chinese in America, located in lower Manhattan, for historical research and created a collaboration design. The brand designed a t-shirt, which appeared in the collection, that will donate 30% of the retail sales to the museum.

Symbols and graphics for the t-shirts were carefully selected and redesigned. The Crane, an animal that represents longevity, elegance, auspiciousness, and loyalty in Asian culture, was reimagined and presented in a fresh perspective. The symbolic crane bird is illustrated flying, and caring a PRIVATE POLICY signature PXL checker flag, mimicking the familiar imagery of the iconic American bald eagle and flag. Combined with the brand’s famous “Born Perfect” in Chinese and newspaper header graphic, PRIVATE POLICY hopes to inspire pride for Asian immigrants to stand up against xenophobia, and to embrace cultural diversity for a common goal in unity. 

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